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WWF wanted to raise awareness among millennials and increase donations to protect endangered animals. We knew that “Generation Y” spend their time on social media posting pictures of themselves and are hard to reach via traditional media. 

We used Snapchat as it was hugely popular (it still is, but it got a bit weirder) with teens. An image sent with Snapchat, when viewed, disappears in seconds, with no chance of ever being seen again. Just like the endangered animals WWF protects.


We completely changed the idea behind the selfie, creating #LastSelfie. Creative utilisation of the emerging Snapchat mobile social platform using native “timed message” functionality to highlight that time is running out for endangered species, while engaging millennials with the selfies phenomenon was the key to our campaign.

When you follow WWF on Snapchat, you get sent a #LastSelfie, a 9 second picture from an endangered animal, telling you that this could be the last time you see it. Since Snapchat users have a habit of taking screenshots and sharing on social media, we even used this as a part of our message (‘‘Better take a screenshot, this could be my #LastSelfie’’ says one of the images). Users can take action by sending an SMS to WWF, sharing the screenshot of the snap, or you can go to the WWF website and 'adopt an animal'.