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So this game is from the times that advergames still made sense. I'll try to explain how and why we made this super detailed and fun game. 

Social SME is an online realtime strategy game, created as an advergame for one of Turkey's biggest banks, Akbank. The goal of the game is to start a new company from scratch, buy production machines, enhance your factory building with various departments and decorations and finish 19 levels with the highest experience points.

The game's target audience are SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and white collar workers.

It contains a highly detailed money management system, lifelike commercial situations and a consistent game scenario to help players feel the challenge and excitement for 19 levels.

It also has a very unique feature of playing co-op with your rivals to level up faster. You can hire another player (company owner) as a "consultant", make a contract to give a monthly wage plus xp, and in return, boost your production at the rate of the player's own company performance score.

The illustrations and game design have a slightly futuristic concept with a hint of a retro feeling. Since there are lots of numbers and statistical data everywhere, user interface design is based on infographic elements, clearly visible large numbers, high contrast combination of b&w tones and bright red for the highlighted elements. 

The overall design concept was made to attract SME people while requiring minimum adaptation time for casual players.

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