The main theme of the 2017 football season for Nike was "training". We wanted to create buzz around the new Nike training products so we came up with the idea to challenge the most popular football player in Turkey, Arda Turan (who was playing in Barcelona at that time and was much more successful than he is now). 

We launched a video on social media in which Arda tested his skills in a drill. At the end of the video he challenged everyone who thought they could can beat him to come and test themselves against him in the location.  


2,000 young players attended the event. Arda was waiting there, but there was a twist - he was there but he wasn't. 

We recorded everyone who participated in the drill. In each video Arda was competing with them side-by-side, which was actually his original performance, like the "ghost" in car racing games. 

The Arda Turan Speed Challenge offered the opportunity to the younger generation of soccer players to challenge Arda and show off their skills. In the event, 2,000 young players performed the drill and competed against Arda Turan's ghost and 2,000 unique and shareable videos were generated from the performances.