There are two reasons I put this campaign here. First, it's a perfect example of how a brand can get local from the very beginning of a launch. The second reason is subjective: I just love how the crafting of this project turned out to be so stunningly beautiful. So let me explain it. 

Turkish people are a “domestic goods first” society when it comes to brand consumption. No matter how big or small, if a foreign brand fails to acknowledge local culture, it cannot be successful.

As a part of the global expansion plan, Netflix wanted to launch in Turkey. We created a launch campaign that is made entirely with one of the oldest Turkish art forms - Ebru. By bringing Netflix Original Shows and Ebru together, unique art pieces were created with the help of contemporary artist Garip Ay.

Traditionally Ebru is a static art form that takes place on paper. For our campaign, we’ve captured the process and turned it into a performance art for digital media. Online videos, GIFs and typographical social media posts were created using Ebru to promote Netflix Turkey.

Featuring shows like Narcos, The Crown and Stranger Things, Ebru Originals provided a fresh perspective on a dying art and became a cultural phenomenon.