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I guess this project is my sweetheart. Not just because it's a really strong and creative way to make a simple promotion campaign brief into something deeper and richer, but because of these two "young" guys who became my close friends after this campaign. We lost Bülent, R.I.P., but Erol is still alive and chilling. 

Ok, so let me talk about the project itself. In 2014, Turkey didn’t qualify for the World Cup in Brazil. This was a major let-down for the Turkish people. So how do you make the world cup attractive to a country that couldn’t participate?

Akbank, Turkey’s biggest bank, was holding a promotional campaign for Akbank Direkt Card with a sweepstake among card holders. The winners would get to go to the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. 

To make the journey legendary, we reached out to the last two surviving members of Turkey's 1950s national soccer team, which hadn’t been able travel to Brazil then even though it qualified due to financial issues. We were able to finally take them to the World Cup in Brazil, along with the winners of the sweepstake.


Along the way we produced a series of short documentaries introducing the two surviving players. To bring the story to a new generation, we also built an online museum where users could experience the story of the 1950s national soccer team.

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