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We needed to create a unique communication to differentiate Lassa winter tires from the rest of the competition. Lassa was the leader of the market and wanted to create some hype around their winter tires. 

We decided to personify winter and its harsh conditions with a character named Don Duran. Our character uses his wintry superpowers to affect people’s daily lives.


We introduced the Don Duran character two years ago with a viral video that became a huge hit among our target audience. In the second year of the campaign, we generated hype during a teaser period. This time Don Duran was coming stronger than ever like an especially harsh winter.


First we created a couple of teaser videos, then we introduced the second main video that went viral instantly. During the second Don Duran phase of communication, we didn’t just stop with the video. Don Duran had a mission of “taking over social media.” By using every single social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter,, comments, and even WhatsApp for the first time in the world… we created 4,552 social media posts in a month and established an online presence that no other commercial character had ever achieved, resulting in one of the most successful advertising campaigns in Turkey. 

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